BIOAg Symposium shows off science of farming and human health

Scientists from around CAHNRS and WSU came together recently for the 2019 BIOAg Symposium on the WSU Pullman campus.

Wright and Hickey pose in front of a research poster, with two other people talking about research behind them.
Dean Wright poses with WSU graduate student Kathleen Hickey in front of her research poster. Hickey is a student in WSU’s Institute of Biological Chemistry.

The event, hosted by WSU’s Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources (CSANR), was themed “The Intersection of Agriculture and Human Health: Developing Opportunities for Research and Education.”

It featured a well-attended poster session and a panel discussion with Associate Professor Kevin Murphy of the WSU Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, and Professor and Vice Dean John Roll and Associate Professor Pablo Monsivais of the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine.

CAHNRS Dean André-Denis Wright attended, talking with several WSU scientists to learn about their research and their backgrounds. The poster session featured over a dozen research projects, ranging from organic fertilizer usage to irrigation methodology in vineyards to erosion vulnerability for the Columbia River Basin.