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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – Summer weather wrap up from WSU’s AgWeatherNet

PROSSER, Wash. – Don’t be fooled by the recent stretch of pleasant late-summer weather. Most of Washington’s 2012 summer weather featured conditions that ranged from bad to downright ugly. From the severe storms in mid-July to the raging wildfires and parching heat in August, a great diversity of weather concerns epitomized the summer season.

Hail Damages Crops, USDA Responds, Growers Alerted to Fire Blight Danger

PROSSER, Wash. – While Washington has been spared the devastating droughts and fires that farmers and ranchers in other parts of the nation are contending with, the region has experienced damaging storms. The USDA reports that U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack is using his authority to flex programs in order to provide relief for […]

Cool, wet June weather statewide reminiscent of 2011

PROSSER, Wash. – June weather in Washington was ‘déjà vu all over again.’ Despite early glimpses of summer in April and May, Washington weather regressed into a chilly spring during June, with conditions that were eerily reminiscent of 2011. “Many AgWeatherNet locations recorded temperatures of 2 to 3 degrees below average, along with unusually wet […]

Climate Change, Grain Production Is Focus of $20 Million Grant for UI, WSU, OSU

Editors Note: Interviews and video available for download (see below). PULLMAN, Wash. – Helping one of the largest wheat producing regions in the world mitigate and successfully adapt to climate change is the focus of research that scientists from the University of Idaho, Washington State University and Oregon State University will conduct with a five-year, […]