Gerrit Hoogenboom

WSU Researchers Create More Accurate Cold Hardiness Measure for Apples, Sweet Cherries

PROSSER, Wash.—A more accurate way to measure cold hardiness in apple and sweet cherry buds and blooms during early spring is under development by researchers at Washington State University Prosser Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Center (IAREC). The three-year project, funded by the Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission this year, will help Pacific Northwest growers […]

WSU Scientist Pays It Forward with Agrotechnology Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge is power, and in data-poor regions of the world, techniques that make data collection more efficient are a boon for local researchers and the stakeholders they serve. That’s why WSU agrometeorologist Gerrit Hoogenboom helped lead a series of workshops in Tanzania, Ghana and Kenya to transfer decision-support system technologies to researchers in African nations.