Students help create 3rd annual ‘Welcome Home’ crop mural

Ross V sign
Jade Ross shares a V sign as she works on lettering for the third annual BECU Welcome Home crop mural.

Students in the College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences helped put finishing touches to the 2021 Boeing Employees Credit Union Welcome Home crop mural on the west entrance to Pullman.

The third annual mural is sponsored by BECU, and created by the DNA Seattle creative agency and crop artist Stan Herd.

This year, the creative agency reached out to CAHNRS to seek student participation. On Aug. 6, students Chase Baerlocher, Kalvin Bowers, Carlos Gonzalez, Jade Ross, and Ethan Smillie joined the artist’s crew to assist in crafting the final portion of the mural.

Built on a tall hill on the Fulfs family farm overlooking the intersection of I-270 and I-195, the earthwork covers 1.5 acres and measures 360 feet tall by 220 feet wide at the base. The design features the message “Welcome H-O-M-E” with the subtle message “WITH LOVE” surrounding the BECU logo. Landowner Jack Fulfs is a third generation Pullman farmer and WSU alumnus.

Students and the art crew spread dark soil to form a letter in the 1.5-acre mural.

Herd created the mural over five days, carving into the golden, stubbled wheat field and using dark soil, red mulch, and light-colored chickpeas and beans for contrast.

Students and the artistic team were filmed, and a video of the project will be shared during Cougar home games this fall.

About the students:
Baerlocher is pursuing a degree in Agricultural Biotechnology and Greenhouse Management. Bowers studies Animal Sciences/Veterinary Medicine. Gonzalez is majoring in Agriculture Technology & Production Management. Ross is an undergraduate student in Food Science. Smillie is a senior in Environmental Science.

Mural group photo
From left, Kalvin Bowers, Ethan Smillie, Jade Ross, Chase Baerlocher, Carlos Gonzalez.
Carlos Gonzalez
Carlos Gonzalez smiles while working on the mural.