Student designers set to showcase creations at Mom’s Weekend Fashion Show

By Sarah Appel, CAHNRS Academic Programs

This weekend, 16 WSU seniors will watch their designs walk the runway at the 36th annual Mom’s Weekend Fashion Show. After months and years of hard work, the students will watch their diplomas get closer with each step.

Hoblin runs a piece of gray fabric through a sewing machine.
Design student Danielle Hoblin works on a piece for her lineup at the AMDT Fashion Show.

The fashion show is this Friday, April 12, at 6:00 pm in Beasley Coliseum, with a Wine and Beer Garden opening at 5:00 pm.

The fashion show is an opportunity for the senior designers of the WSU Apparel, Merchandising, Design and Textiles (AMDT) department to take the skills they have learned over the past four years and use them to design and create their own line of clothing unique to themselves.

“The fashion show provides our seniors the chance to showcase the collection they have worked to create,” said Shanna Hiscock, AMDT advisor. “Our design classes allow these designers to learn the process from the very beginning to end of the process. After 4 long years, they have the opportunity to showcase their work through the fashion show.”

It’s the first time that the designers get the chance to show off everything they have learned.

“It’s finally the time for us to show the world what we’re made of,” said designer Madison Norman.

This year’s theme, Emerge, brings to attention this opportunity for designers to show their passions, interests, and skills; the chance to create anything.

“Emerge means something unique for each of us while at the same time speaks of the one unifying message that we are emerging as designers. We are breaking out into our own styles,” said designer Maria Wanner. “Taking the skills we have gained in our studies, we now have the freedom to create our passions.”Graphic design from poster, showing an out of focus woman in an orange and red painted dress surrounded by orange and red dots with the word Emerge in script.

Designs vary from underwater wedding and world-wide street wear to the Danse Macabre and bridal-wear inspired by the Western United States.

Tickets for the program are $15 in advance, and $20 at the door. To learn more visit