New from WSU Extension: Bindweed, biodiesel, airblast guides

Bindweed forms dense mats that smother pastures and forest undergrowth.

Each month, WSU Extension scientists share free guides helping farmers, professionals, and community members succeed. The latest new as well as freshly revised guides from Extension include:

Field and Hedge Bindweed: Identification and Biological Control (FS344E), by
Jennifer E. Andreas, Integrated Weed Control Project Director, WSU Extension
Rachel L. Winston, Environmental Consultant, MIA Consulting, and Wendy C. DesCamp, Education Specialist with the Washington State Noxious Weed Control Board. Learn how to identify and control these invasive, problematic vines, which can smother crop plants, fencerows, and forest undergrowth.

Biodiesel in the Pacific Northwest (PNW753), by WSU Extension staff members Noelle Hart and Patricia Townsend. Explore the regional role and economic, environmental, agricultural, and future prospects of biodiesel.

Financial Analysis Principles and Applications for Private Forest Lands (EM030E), by Extension forestry educator Kevin Zobrist. This manual helps landowners understand how to determine the value of their timbered property, as well as various ways to manage it, using examples, explanations, and tools.

Six Steps to Calibrate and Optimize Airblast Sprayers for Orchards and Vineyards(PNW749). Written by WSU Extension specialist Gwen Hoheisel, WSU faculty members Lav Khot and Michelle Moyer, and Oregon State University Extension scientist Steve Castagnoli, this publication helps tree fruit and grape growers understand how to best use powerful sprayers.

4-H Treasurer’s Handbook (C0231E), by Extension faculty members Jana Ferris and Missy Cummins. This book helps 4-H Club treasurers learn to effectively manage accounts and spending.

4-H Treasurer’s Handbook Leader Guide (C1059E), by Ferris and Cummins. This companion book helps leaders learn to effectively work with club treasurers in managing finances.

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