New from Extension: Annual performance at Wilke Farm

Combine working at farm.The latest free guide from WSU Extension highlights annual performance at WSU’s Wilke Research and Extension Farm at Davenport, Wash.

Serving farmers in Washington’s intermediate rainfall zone—12-17 inches of rain yearly—this 320-acre farm was bequeathed to WSU in the 1980s by Beulah Wilson Wilke. Research here helps develop cropping systems that enhance farm profitability and improve soil quality. The farm is in a direct-seed cropping system using no-till fallow, winter wheat, spring cereals, and broadleaf crops.

The guide, WSU Wilke Research and Extension Farm Operation, Production, and Economic Performance for 2020 (TB76E), examines the farm’s current situation, that year’s crop and fallow practices, soil compaction and pest data, soil health, economic performance, weather data, and more.

Authors include Farm Management Committee Chair Aaron Esser and Research Technician Derek Appel.

Find the guide on the WSU Extension Publications Store.

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