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WSU Research award honors breeders’ tech advances in Cosmic Crisp®

Posted by struscott | November 2, 2018
Two WSU researchers visiting a row of apple trees, holding apples.
WSU fruit breeders, Bruce Barritt, now retired, and Kate Evans, visit a WA 38 stand at Sunrise Research Orchard in Wenatchee. Barritt and Evans were honored for advances in breeding the new apple.

Congratulations to Kate Evans, professor of horticulture and pome fruit breeder with the WSU Tree Fruit Research & Extension Center, and Bruce Barritt, retired WSU apple breeder, who were honored this fall by the university’s Office of Research for their efforts advancing the technologies behind the new WA 38 apple variety, branded as Cosmic Crisp®.

Leading the 20-year effort to release WA 38—a new, high-quality apple bred for Washington growers—Evans and Barritt received the Technology with Impactful Contribution to Society Award, which recognizes researchers for creating technologies that lead to societal impact and high licensing revenue for WSU.

They were among eight faculty members presented with awards during Research Week, Oct. 15-19.

Learn more about the Research Week awards here.