Bear Center

Bears feast on fats, reveal health insights

Grizzlies show no clinical signs of disease following short-term consumption of saturated fats, but scientists question long-term health By Natalie Sopinka, Communications Coordinator, Canadian Science Publishing Campgrounds and cottages are getaways for humans. They are also locations where grizzly bears acquire appetites for human foods high in saturated fats—foods associated with many diseases. A new […]

Measuring the mighty bear sense of smell

“The bear’s sense of smell is the stuff of legend,” said Heiko Jansen, associate professor of integrative physiology and neuroscience at WSU. “Stories abound about them smelling things from miles away.” But legend and science are very different things, so Jansen and colleagues are working to quantify just how sensitive a bear’s sense of smell […]

a grizzly bear sniffs at one plastic tube and ignores another tube.

WSU research bears mark the changing seasons

The bears at the WSU Bear Research,Education, and Conservation Center spent September gaining weight at a tremendous rate, up to 10 pounds or more each week, preparing for another winter and hibernation. Starting in late October, they’ll slow down their food intake to get ready for hibernation. “Once they reach their hibernation weight, we’ll slowly […]

Two pictures of the same bear viewed from the top, taken at different times of the year. The picture on the left is the bear much skinnier after waking up from hibernation.