WSU students focused on grapes and wine awarded $41,000 in scholarships

Students from WSU’s Viticulture & Enology program, the Department of Horticulture, and the School of Food Science have been awarded $41,000 in scholarships for the 2021 – 22 school year.

A woman in a white shirt and jeans pulls a silver device from the ground as she stands near a line of green grapevines.
Bernadette Gagnier works to identify nematode pests in the Prosser vineyard.

Annette Loring, Danielle Fox, Bailey Hallwachs, Heather Carbon, Bernadette Gagnier, and Alexa McDaniel all received scholarships from the Washington Wine Industry Foundation (WWIF), a nonprofit organization focused on sustainable solutions to wine industry challenges.

“We want to contribute valuable findings to the Washington wine industry, and I am humbled to be recognized by WWIF,” said Heather Carbon, who is working to find what species of nonSaccharomyces yeasts might be most beneficial for wine fermentation.

“WWIF provides an impressive number of scholarships each year to graduate and undergraduate students who are studying wine, and the assistance they provide is truly amazing,” said Bernadette Gagnier, a horticulture graduate student working to control nematode pests in vineyards.

“Our vision is a thriving Washington wine industry, and to achieve that, we need a future generation that understands enology and viticulture. We’re honored to support and recognize the hard work of these students,” said Vicky Scharlau, Executive Director of WWIF.

To learn more about scholarships and opportunities for students interested in viticulture and wine science, visit the WSU V&E website.