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Spice up your game with Cougar Seasonings!

Published on September 7, 2017

PULLMAN, Wash. – Whether you want to infuse your kitchen creations with flavor or spice up your tailgates this season, Washington State University’s got you covered. The WSU Department of Animal Sciences has officially released WSU Seasonings & Rubs.Bottle of everything seasoning and bottle of espresso seasoning

These curated blends can replace an entire spice rack. The WSU Espresso Seasoning & Rub pairs perfectly with steak, pork, salmon, and chicken, combining espresso and peppers to provide a smoky, robust complement to the meat. The WSU Everything Seasoning is a tasty addition to any meal, promising to take your dishes from ordinary to exceptional.

These blends were designed with Cougar Quality Meats in mind, crafted specifically for WSU Premium Beef by award-winning Executive Chef Jamie Callison. Chef Callison is the author of The Crimson Spoon and a Culinary Arts Instructor in the WSU School of Hospitality and Business Management.

Recipes for WSU Seasonings & Rubs were generously donated by the Callison family in order to benefit WSU students. All proceeds from the sale of WSU Seasonings & Rubs help support educational programming in the Department of Animal Sciences.

Both seasonings are available at Cougar Quality Meats through WSU Premium Beef; WSU Connections stores in Everett, Spokane, and Pullman; Dissmores IGA, Ferdinand’s Ice Cream Shoppe, and Crimson & Gray in Pullman; the Dahmen Barn in Uniontown; and online: chef Jamie Callison grilling a steak

For more information on WSU Seasonings & Rubs, Cougar Quality Meats, or the Department of Animal Sciences, contact Dr. Jan Busboom at 509-335-2880 or, or the Premium Beef Team at 509-335-1002 or