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Molecular plant scientist John Browse named to Washington Academy of Sciences

John Browse, standing outside, with arms crossed.
Professor John Browse is a newly named member of the Washington Academy of Sciences (WSU Photo-Seth Truscott)

Researching the science behind healthier vegetable oils and crop defenses against pests, pathogens, and environmental stress—potentially leading to more and healthier food for people—John Browse, Regents’ Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Plant Sciences, was elected this summer to the Washington State Academy of Sciences.

Browse is one of four Washington State University faculty members elected to the academy for 2018. Two others were chosen to serve on the academy’s leadership board.

New members are accepted in recognition of their outstanding record of scientific achievement and willingness to work on behalf of the academy in bringing the best available science to bear on issues within the state of Washington.

Based at WSU Pullman, Browse has made sustained and groundbreaking discoveries over the course of his 40 years as a plant lipid biochemist. He is internationally recognized for developing creative approaches to identify and characterize genes that control the biosynthesis of membrane and storage lipids.

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