Latest fashions emerge from AMDT students

Wedding dresses, fairy tale inspiration, Goth overtones, red feather boas, creative beer can recycling, and much more. The 36th Annual WSU Mom’s Weekend Fashion Show, titled Emerge, had innovation and cutting-edge clothing for everyone.

Fifteen seniors presented collections that they designed and made, showcasing the knowledge they’ve acquired in their time at the university.

A woman in a white dress, a little girl in a blue dress, then a woman in a blue floral print dress walk on a white catwalk against a black background. They are followed by two designers holding bouquets.
Models and designers walk the catwalk at the 2019 WSU Mom’s Weekend Fashion Show

“The work these women put into their collections is impressive and the results are truly amazing,” said Shanna Hiscock, Academic Coordinator in the Department of AMDT who directed the Fashion Show. “It takes so much effort to put on a show like this, from the designers to the models to the volunteer crew who put in so much time. They all came together to create an amazing showcase for our department.”

Photos have been posted in a Facebook album.

Several awards were given out to designers during the program, including the Dean’s Choice award that featured Dean André-Denis Wright’s wife Milena as a judge.

Here is the list of award winners (winning students in bold):

Mollie Pepper Best in Show – Madison Norman

Several models wearing unusual outfits and identical white wigs flank Norman, wearing a formal gown and holding a bouquet.
AMDT senior Madison Norman (center, with bouquet) won Best in Show for her collection “Danse Macabre.”

Nelson McLeod Best in Textile Design – Lupita Ochoa

Nelson McLeod Best in Social Awareness – Berenice Diaz Medrano

Nelson McLeod Best in Visual Impact – Sara Nelson

Nelson McLeod Excellence in Single Garment Construction – Katie Ellis

Chair’s Rising Star – Michael Damaso

Associate Dean’s Choice of Computer Aided Design – Jacqueline Sewell

Dean’s Choice – Berenice Diaz Medrano

Associate Dean’s Choice – Maria Wanner

Associate Dean’s Choice – Kaylee Luera

Associate Dean, Administrative Assistant’s Choice – Trityca Anderson

Behind the Scene – Chair’s Leadership/Service Award – Kaley Mozell