Feb. 8-11: Using data to make real-world decisions workshops

The WSU Farmers Network will host the workshop series Decision Making Using On-farm Data – live on Zoom from Feb. 8-11, 9 am to 11 am PST each day.

Close up of green wheat plants with a rolling mountain in the background.

Participants will learn the how and why it’s important to conduct site-specific, data-based evaluations of the agronomic, economic, and environmental impacts of site-specific nutrient use and seeding rate strategies. Presentations will focus on how to leverage both external and on-farm data sources toward more efficient management of farm resources and targeted productivity.

Attendees curious about using drones, remote sensors, and variable rate applications in management practices will hear from local farmers implementing these practices, the latest research from a multi-state, multi-million-dollar program to support data-driven management, using locally collected weather data to inform management decisions, and designing your own on-farm research trials.

Registration for the free, live-online event is available on the WSU Farmers Network website.