Face to face with grizzly research

A bear stands behind Wright at the entrance to the large fenced enclosure
A bear stands and ‘greets’ CAHNRS Dean André Wright at the entrance to the Center’s large fenced enclosure. The WSU Bear Center is a one-of-a-kind facility that aims to provide information and understanding for bear conservation around the world.

New CAHNRS Dean André Wright came face to face with the grizzlies of the WSU Bear Center in an informational visit Monday, July 30.

Grizzlies at Washington State University are partners in research in important experiments affecting the fate of wild grizzly and polar bears, as well as science that could revolutionize how we solve human health challenges like diabetes and heart disease.

Learn more about bear research at WSU by visiting the WSU Bear Center website.https://bearcenter.wsu.edu

A group view of the blood draw, inside a bear enclosure at the Bear Center. Wright and Carnahan are seated in front of a bear in a cage.
Assisting student researcher Tony Carnahan, new CAHNRS Dean André Wright saw research at the WSU Bear Center in action July 30, learning about our important work into nutrition, energetics, salmon, hibernation, and much more.
Dean Wright, seated, holds a bear's leg as a researcher prepares a blood draw.
CAHNRS Dean André Wright helps draw blood from Luna, a 400-pound grizzly, as she slurps a tasty honey-water treat.