WSU had many students and faculty participate in the Washington Association of Wine Grape Growers Meeting, Convention and Trade Show, held Feb. 7-9. Here are some of the contributions made by WSU students and scientists:

2017 Speakers

Dr. James Moyer Ph.D., Associate Dean of Research, College of Agricultural, Human and Natural Resource Sciences
Do Agriculture, Grapes and Wine Fit into a World Class Education Institution?

Michelle Moyer Ph.D., Statewide V&E Extension Specialist
How Ignoring Basic Viticulture Tactics Can Mess up a Grower’s Bottom Line: Pests, Clean Plants, AgWeatherNet and More!
Disease by Phenology

Danielle Kleist,  Director of Students Life, WSU Tri-Cities

Dr. James Moyer adresses the crowd during the State of the Industry Session

Cover Letters-What it Says Before You Open Your Mouth

Charles Edwards Ph.D., Professor & Food Scientist
How Do You Know You Have a Microbial Problem? What Detection Method to Choose?

Thomas Henick-Kling Ph.D., Director, WSU Vicitulture & Enology
Microbial Spoilage of Wine and Its Prevention

Markus Keller Ph.D., Professor
Phenology and Growing Degree Days
The Perfect Climate for Wine – How Perfect is Washington?

Johnathan O’Hearn, WSU Entomology
Pest by Phenology

Jim Harbertson Ph.D., Associate Professor of Enology
Phenolics of Washington State Wines

Poster Winners

WSU graduate student Ben-Min Chang gives his oral presentation during the 2017 WAWGG Poster Session.

Professional Category

First place: Lynn Mills
Second place: Sridhar Jarugula
Third Place: Prashant Swamy

Graduate Category

First place: Margaret McCoy
Second place: Ben-Min Chang
Third place: Caroline Merrell

Undergraduate Category

First place: Ashley Boren
Second place: Corydon Funk

Best Oral Presentation

Graduate: Zachary Cartwright

Graduate students Caroline Merrell and Garret Stahl pose next to their posters at the WAWAGG Conference.

Undergraduate: Ashley Boren

Outreach and Technology Transfer Committee

Tom Collins
Gwen Hoheisel
Catherine Ann Jones
Markus Keller
Mysti Meiers
Michelle Moyer

Farming by Phenology Program Advisors

Michelle Moyer
Gwen Hoheisel