CAHNRS, WSU faculty grow as leaders in Provost Academy

Twenty-three WSU faculty members, including four from CAHNRS, completed the Provost’s Leadership Academy this spring.

The semester-long training program, based on CAHNRS’ Tidal Leadership course, develops self-awareness and confidence, bringing faculty members in touch with WSU leaders and building knowledge of the university and its challenges. Exercises and discussions help participants discover their strengths and weaknesses and maximize their effectiveness. Cohesion grows at a January retreat, and each participant works on a leadership project.

Participants in 2016 included James Pru, Animal Sciences; Mark Lange, Biological Chemistry; Kate Evans, Horticulture; Elizabeth Soliday, Human Development; Tammy Barry, Psychology; Bob Mealey, Veterinary Medicine; Julie Postma and Catherine Van Son, Nursing; Glen Duncan, Nutrition and Exercise Physiology; Judi McDonald, Mathematics; Olusola Adesope and Tammy Crawford, Education; John Bishop and Donald Allison, Biological Sciences; Jennifer Schwartz, Sociology; Thabiti Lewis, English; Timothy VanReken, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Brady Washburn, ROTC; Luz Maria Gordillo, Critical Culture, Gender, and Race Studies; Jenny Kim, Hospitality Business Management; Haluk Resat, Chemical and Biological Engineering; Lynne Nelson, Veterinary Clinical Sciences.

PLA 2016 remote group

The course is led by Mary Kay Patton, assistant director of the college’s Center for Transformational Learning and Leadership; CAHNRS Acting Dean and CTLL founding Director Kim Kidwell; Denise Yost, CTLL clinical assistant professor; and Kelly Ward, chair of the Department of Educational Leadership, Sport Studies, and Educational/Counseling Psychology in the College of Education. Jerman Rose, former special assistant to the Provost, helped with the academy prior to his leaving WSU.

Guest speakers included WSU Interim President Dan Bernardo, Interim Co-Provost Ron Mittelhammer, Chief University Budget Officer Joan King and Provost’s office Executive Director Don Holbrook.
Nominations for the 2017 cohort are due in October.

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