3rd gen Coug grad Dylan Hereford draws on hands-on, classroom experiences

Dylan Hereford

Graduating this month with a bachelor’s degree from WSU Animal Sciences and a focus on animal management, Dylan Hereford is a third-generation Cougar with deep WSU family roots.

“I was drawn to WSU for college,” said Hereford, whose mother, Julie Sovereign, and grandfather, Gerald Sovereign, attended the university before him.

Originally interested in pursuing veterinary studies, Hereford found animal management of dairy and beef cows “more in my wheelhouse.” Highlights of his college career include reproductive managment classes with Associate Professor Martin Maquivar, and experience in technical cattle reproduction classes.

His agricultural knowledge gives Hereford additional knowlege as he plans to enter the farm credit industry after graduation.

“For others pursuing my degree, some advice that I have is to gather all the hands-on experience that you can,” he said. “You’ll be glad for it later, once you’re able to relate it back to class. It honestly helps to be able to use it in your real life.”