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CAHNRS Faculty Feature: Hanu Pappu

Posted by | July 27, 2017
Hanu Pappu

We asked several CAHNRS Ambassadors, excellent students who love WSU and their college, to name their favorite or most influential professors. And now we’re featuring those nominated educators in this weekly series, which runs through the summer.

Today we’re showcasing Hanu Pappu, President Samuel Smith Distinguished Professor in the Department of Plant PathologyHere are his answers to a few questions:

Where are you from?

Southern state of Andhra Pradesh, India

Where did you go to school?

I earned a B.S. from the Agricultural College in Bapatla, India, an M.S. from the Indian Agricultural Research Institute in New Delhi, India, and a Ph.D. from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada.

How did you become interested in your field?

Diseases pose a serious threat to our food security and managing them continues to be a challenge as pathogens that cause diseases continue to evolve.

Why did you want to become a professor?

I realized that I enjoy sharing with others what I know and being a professor gave me a chance to help students develop critical thinking skills. 

What is your favorite thing about working with college students?

Answering their questions, which gives me some clues about their thinking process and their interests.

What advice would you pass along to students?

Never stop learning. Never stop being curious. Approach issues with an open mind. Try to make a positive difference. Never stop asking why and how.