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Wind Erosion Program Review Slated

PULLMAN, Wash. — Farmers and city dwellers alike have interests at stake in the Columbia Plateau Wind Erosion and Air Quality Program, which will be reviewed Feb. 20-21 at Richland’s Red Lion Inn/Hanford House.

Scientists, farmers and other experts will make a series of presentations on objectives, methods and interim results in the conservation and clean air program.

Reports will include new standards and policies of air quality, research progress, the status of regional urban air quality and future farm control strategies and implementation opportunities.

Farmland control strategies and their implementation will receive special emphasis.

Ardell Halvorson, USDA-Agriculture Research Service, Mandan, ND, will talk on Successful Dryland Cropping and Tillage Systems in the Great Plains. Other topics include:

  • What is Clean Air Worth: Results of the Columbia Plateau Social-Economics Survey.
  • Designating a Conservation Priority Area – Status and Implications to the Dryland Conservation Reserve Program.
  • Air Quality Status and Agricultural Implications in Spokane.
  • Air Quality Status and Agricultural Implications in Tri-cities.
  • Airborne Chemicals from Agricultural Operations.
  • Health Implications of Agricultural Particulates.
  • An Event Model for Wind Erosion and Particulate Emissions.
  • Regional Fugitive Dust Predictions and Implications for the Columbia Plateau.
  • A New Look at Fallow Management for Dust Reduction.
  • Annual Cropping Prospects for Enhanced Dryland Farming.
  • Cover Crop Management for Air and Water Quality Control.
  • Man’s Impact on Dust Emissions: A 500 Year History.
  • Developing a Best Management Practice Plan for Wind Erosion Control and Clean Air.
  • Best Management Practices for Farming with the Wind.

The conference is sponsored by Washington State University and several federal and state agencies.

Registration costs $75 and must be postmarked by Feb. 14 to guarantee space and materials. Single-day registrations are available.

For more information please contact WSU Conferences & Institutes, (509) 335-3530 or (800) 942-4978.

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