Trio of videos feature importance of WSU wine research

WSU V&E Program research faculty and students star in newly released video series. Watch to learn about the history and innovation at the core of Washington state wine research.

Wine research initiatives take the stage in a series of videos created for the Washington State Wine Commission. The video series shares the importance and value of wine research to the state’s wine industry. Moreover, they showcase the industry’s commitment and support of research that ultimately seeks to improve wine quality. Read the full news release.

From Vine to Wine
“Better research yields better wine.”
Screen capture of From Vine to Wine vimeo.

On the Cutting Edge
“Wine researchers and scientists are the backbone of our industry.”
Screen capture of On the Cutting Edge vimeo.

A Bright Future Ahead
“Investing in the research—that’s how we’re gonna continue to elevate Washington.”
Screen capture of A Bright Future vimeo.