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S Is for “Sustainable Agriculture”

Stephen Jones.
Stephen Jones. Click image for a high resolution version.

PULLMAN, Wash. – Where in the World Book do you find Washington State University? First under “W” for “wheat,” and soon under “S” for “sustainability.”

Stephen S. Jones, a professor and scientist in the WSU Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, collaborated with Carol Miles, WSU Extension Vegetable Specialist, on “sustainable agriculture” entry for the 2009 edition of the World Book Encyclopedia.

This is the second time Jones has written for World Book. He previously wrote the World Book entry on “wheat.” Jones said that he had talked to the World Book editor about sustainability and, because the editor liked the “wheat” entry so much, World Book asked Jones to write the one for sustainable agriculture.

WSU has a long history of research and extension in sustainable agriculture and is the home to the nation’s first undergraduate degree program in organic agriculture.

Jones said that he and Miles “have worked together quite a bit” and see sustainability as “a process” rather than an end point. Jones says having an integrated and diverse agricultural system with profitable crops for farmers and affordable food for consumers are some of the key aspects of sustainable agriculture.

The research of both Jones and Miles includes fertilizer efficiency, perennial wheat crops, organic production with low inputs, as well as technologies that promote increased crop yields and on-farm species diversity.


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