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Queso Fresco Cheese-Making Video Available

PULLMAN, Wash. — “Fresh Cheese Made Safely,” an instructional video on how to make queso fresco cheese with pasturized milk, is available from Washington State University Cooperative Extension.

Queso fresco cheese is a soft, homemade cheese popular in Latin America. It is traditionally made with raw milk. A recipe using pasteurized milk was developed at WSU following an outbreak of salmonella infections in the Yakima Valley in 1996 linked to consumption of queso fresco made with raw milk.

The 11 minute video covers the equipment, recipe and steps to make queso fresco with pasteurized milk. The video is available in both Spanish and English.

Copies can be ordered from the Washington State University Cooperative Extension Bulletins Office by calling 1-800-723-1763. To obtain the English language version, ask for VT0108. For the Spanish version request VT0108S. Cost is $24 per copy plus shipping, handling and sales tax for Washington residents.

An illustrated brochure is shipped with each order.

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