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Online Forest Stewardship U helps small forest owners manage their land

PULLMAN, Wash. – Many forestland owners, particularly those with small acreage, are seeking information on how to keep their trees healthy and on track to provide enjoyment for years to come. Washington State University Extension has launched Forest Stewardship University, which offers a series of online courses. The self-directed courses are available on demand at

“These online courses are taught by experts and have the same high quality content as our in-person extension forestry workshops,” said Kevin Zobrist, the WSU Extension forestry specialist who helped coordinate development of the courses. “Those who can’t make it to our live workshops now have access to this valuable education on their own schedules and from the comfort and convenience of their own homes.”

With course fees starting at less than $5, the courses offer a bargain to residents of the Pacific Northwest looking to get the most out of their forested properties. Forest Stewardship University includes online courses in:

  • native trees and plants,
  • forest management and silviculture,
  • forest health,
  • regulations and taxes,
  • soils,
  • invasive weeds.

“By providing access to this information, I hope we can reduce many landowner regrets that I frequently hear, such as getting a poor deal selling timber, losing too many trees to insects or disease, or removing too much wildlife cover and therefore reducing wildlife viewing opportunities,” said Zobrist.

In addition to small forest landowners, the online courses are recommended for people who want to know more about trees and forests in the Pacific Northwest, natural resource professionals who want to refresh basic skills and forestry professionals who have relocated from other regions.

-Bob Hoffmann

Media Contacts

Kevin Zobrist, WSU Extension educator, 425-357-6017