National 4-H to celebrate Washington youth, continue funding 4-H Tech Changemakers

Washington 4-H will celebrate Mayyadah Zagelow, recently named the Healthy Living Pillar winner, at the 2021 4-H Youth in Action Virtual Celebration on April 27 at 4:00 p.m. PST.

The event will be live on Facebook and YouTube, and will feature appearances from several celebrity guests and 4-H alumni, including: Carla Hall, Avery Williamson, Lazarus Lynch, Bill Nye “the Science Guy,” and Dolly Parton.

A young woman with brown hair in jeans and a black shirt stands against a painted multi-colored wall outside in Seattle, WA.
Mayyadah Zagelow

Mayyadah is a founding member of the Washington State 4-H Teen Equity & Inclusion Task Force, a grassroots youth movement supported by WSU Extension 4-H Youth Development.

Through this 4-H program, she works with fellow teens to educate other teens and adults about LGBTQ+ inclusion, anti-racism, and other social equity issues in hopes of creating a world of inclusion for all youth.

“She has grown the task force’s membership and campaigned for and made positive changes to Washington 4-H’s teen programming,” said Alison White, 4-H Youth Development Regional Specialist for Kittitas and Yakima County.  “Because of Mayyadah’s leadership on the task force, 4-H teens and adults are experiencing safer, more accepting environments, and learning how to create and maintain those environments.”

4-H Tech Changemakers

Created as a program to help bridge the online digital divide in their community by leading digital skills training for adults, the 4-H Tech Changemaker program will continue in Washington after being funded by a grant offered by the National 4-H Council.

Technology skills are essential not just for the workplace, but for many everyday tasks. Adults need digital skills to apply to jobs online, connect with friends and family, or view a school’s parent portal. The 4-H Tech Changemaker program encourages teens to work with adults of all ages and stages of life.

“Digital access and adoption are barriers many rural Americans face to realizing economic mobility,” said Jill Bramble, Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer for the National 4-H Council said in a letter sent to WSU Extension. “Your leadership in empowering 4-H’ers to lead change in their communities holds great potential for their personal growth and elevates the positive impact your institution makes statewide.”