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MEDIA ALERT: Integrated Farming Systems Project

First annual meeting of all 158 participants in Washington State University’s four-year Integrated Food & Farming Systems Project.

Farmers, ranchers, members of the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation, public officials and others who are learning a new approach to managing natural resources. They will network and hear from others who have made holistic management work for them.

January 23-24, 1997

Cavanaugh’s Inn, Yakima, Wash.

ALLAN SAVORY. Father of holistic management. He developed holistic management because conventional decision-making failed to halt desertification in his native Zimbabwe. His management model takes into account human values, economics and ecosystem management. (Available on the morning of Jan. 23 only.)

DAN DAGGET. Author of a Pulitzer Prize nominated book about ranchers and environmentalists who have collaborated to achieve a common goal.

GREGG SIMONDS. Regional Manager of Deseret Intermountain Ranches, a 600,000-acre operation in three states. Simonds has successfully combined holistic management with principles of the Covey Leadership Center to manage these ranches.

TOM FRANTZEN. This Kellogg-IFFS participant operates a diversified family farm in Iowa. He was recognized in 1993 as Soil Conservationist of the year by the Izaak Walton League of America.

Reporters: This is an opportunity for you to talk with the founder of holistic management and meet people who are putting this revolutionary concept to work.

Before the conference, contact Dennis Brown, at (509) 335-2930 or Jeff Goebel, IFFS Project Coordinator, at (509) 335-7342 in Pullman. During the conference, leave a message for Goebel at Cavanaugh’s Inn at (509) 248-5900 or contact him at the conference registration table at the hotel.

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