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Hagler leads with Agriculture Future of America

Jenica Hagler, a WSU sophomore in Agricultural Business and Economics, has been selected to serve on the Student Advisory Team for the Agriculture Future of America.

“AFA embodies a strong commitment to agriculture that I see every day at WSU in CAHNRS agriculture students. I look forward to serving as a liaison for not only WSU, but for all areas of the United States,” Hagler said. “It is such an exciting time to see future agricultural leaders coming together in AFA to share our passion for the industry.”Jenica Hagler

Hagler is one of the nine Student Advisory Team members who will serve in 2014-2015. Her leadership responsibilities include planning the AFA Leaders Conference to be held Nov. 6-9 in Kansas City, Mo., as well as visiting potential and existing partners from across the nation to discuss opportunities for future agriculturalists. Additionally, she will represent WSU and the College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences as an AFA Campus Ambassador.

“There’s a special excitement created when you bring 26 of our nation’s top collegiate agriculture leaders together to help move AFA’s mission and vision forward,” said Derek Mulhern, AFA program coordinator.

AFA is confident that Hagler’s combination of talent, commitment and academic excellence will “identify, encourage and support outstanding college men and women preparing for careers in agriculture and the food industry” through cultivated partnerships.

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