Forest stewardship: WSU class offers path to healthy trees, cost savings

EVERETT, Wash. – Landowners in the Seattle region are invited to a Washington State University Extension forest education series held in two locations this fall. Forest Stewardship Coached Planning will be offered on Vashon Wednesday evenings starting Oct. 3, and in Bellevue Thursday evenings starting Oct. 4. The class is taught by WSU forestry faculty in partnership with the Washington Department of Natural Resources and King County.

The series will teach landowners how to “read” their forests and avoid common problems. It will offer practical steps to keep forests on track to provide habitat, enjoyment and income for years to come.

Participants will develop their own Forest Stewardship Plan, which brings state recognition as a Stewardship Forest, eligibility for cost-share assistance and may qualify owners for significant property tax reductions.

Pre-registration is required. It costs $185 per family or ownership and includes course materials, a field trip and a visit to the participant’s property by a professional forester. Details and registration are available online at or by contacting WSU Extension at 425-357-6023.

The series is made possible in part by funding from King County and the King Conservation District.