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Forest Biologists to Meet in Pullman

PULLMAN, Wash. — About 125 scientists are expected to attend the 17th Annual North American Forest Biology Workshop here, July 1518.

John Bassman, Washington State University natural resource scientist, said the program includes presentations on forest biology and physiology, including watershed, fire, insect, disease, salmon habitat and other issues.

“This is the first time that this workshop has been held in the Pacific Northwest,” Bassman said.

Scientists from as far away as Korea and Southeast Asia are expected to attend.

The program focuses on Rocky Mountain Ecosystems.

Tours are offered to the Asotin Creek Salmon Habitat Restoration Project, Clarkia Fossil Beds and the Lower Granite Dam.

The workshop will conclude with a banquet and cultural program at the Nez Perce National Historical Park at Spalding, Idaho. Foresters will experience a Native American meal followed by a program on the Nez Perce tribe that includes a drum and dance demonstration.

Seventy six scientific papers will be presented. They include:

  • A Perspective on Multidimensional Water Issues in Rocky Mountain Ecosystems, Jim Dobrowolski, WSU natural resource scientist.
  • Gas exchange response in hybrid poplar during infection by Melampsora medusae, Jon D. Johnson, WSU natural resource scientist, Puyallup.
  • Environmental factors associated with variation in blister rust infection levels in rust resistant western white pine in the Inland Northwest, Joseph Muller, University of Idaho
  • Salmon in the Middle: Divergent Perspectives on Northwest Salmon Recovery, Gary Thorgaard, WSU School of Biological Sciences.
  • Restoring the Role of Fire in Forest Ecosystems: Will the Smoke Get in Our Eyes? Dave Peterson, USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station.
  • Small but Mighty: How fungi and bark beetles design a forest, Sue Hagel, USDA Forest Service, Kooskia, Idaho.
  • Forest Nutrition and Forest Health in the Intermountain Region of the Northwestern United States, Mariann GarrisonJohnston, University of Idaho.
  • Evolutionary Perspectives on Rocky Mountain Ecosystems, Steve Brunsfeld, UI.
  • The effect of poplar leaf chemistry on Melampsora spp. infection, Yong Kim, WSU graduate student, Puyallup.
  • Quality control and standardization technology of medicinal and dietary nontimber forest products based on tannin analysis, Dr. Moris L. Silber, WSU natural resource scientist.

More information is available by contacting Bassman at (509) 335-5296, or by email at

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