“Do You Know Where Your Child Is?” Parental Monitoring vs. Communication Topic of WSU Extension Webinar April 21

PULLMAN, Wash. – How best to monitor your children’s behavior is the topic of the latest in the “Research That Works for You” series of free, public webinars developed by Washington State University Extension.

“It’s 10 P.M.: Do You Know Where Your Child Is? A Discussion of Parental Monitoring and Its Implications for Families” will begin at 10 a.m., Wednesday, April 21, at is http://breeze.wsu.edu/parent_child_communication/. Participants should join the site 15 minutes early to ensure they can access it.

Matthew Bumpus, associate professor of human development, will present the session, which focuses on parental supervision.

“In this webinar, we will focus on parental monitoring of children’s behavior, including the distinction between parental monitoring and parent-child communication,” Bumpus said. “We’ll also discuss recent research on the importance of parent-child communication, and finally, the implications of these issues for those who work with parents and youth.”

Bumpus said recent research shows that in addition to parental monitoring, another important dimension of the parent-child relationship focuses on children’s willingness to disclose to parents. These studies emphasize that it is important for parents to do more than just monitor behavior; facilitating a warm parent-child relationship — in which children are willing to share information about their daily experiences — is a key for parents as well.

“Research that Works for You” is a new webinar series developed by WSU Extension to bring the latest information developed by faculty from across the university to those who can use it, such as other faculty, students, agricultural producers, consumers and families.