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Cattlemen: Here’s a Last Minute Tax Deduction

PULLMAN, Wash. — Cattlemen: If you’re looking for a last minute tax deduction, you might want to consider the new Cougar Pride Program just unveiled by Washington State University’s animal sciences department.

The department is seeking donations of 500 pound to 800 pound steers to feed out and sell. Profits will help fund scholarships, internships, judging teams and support assistantships for animal sciences students interested in the beef cattle industry.

In addition to a tax deduction and the contribution their gifts will make to education, producers will receive carcass data on their steers, according to Jerry Reeves, animal sciences professor. Next fall, merchandise prizes will be awarded to donors whose animals had the best rate of gain, best carcass and made the most profit.

Reeves said the department hopes to receive donations of 50 head. He said commitments for a few donations have been received already.

For more information, contact Ray Wright, Jr., interim department chair, at (509) 335-5523.

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