CAHNRS Coug Connections: Claudia Kightlinger

Each week, we will showcase one of our CAHNRS Ambassadors, a student leadership organization that encourages students to pursue higher education and serves as a liaison between the college and the greater community. This week, we’re featuring Claudia Kightlinger, a sophomore from San Diego, Calif.

Claudia Kightlinger
Claudia Kightlinger

What are you studying?

I’m majoring in Wildlife Ecology, with a minor in Zoology.

What is a fun fact about you?

I have a fear of escalators.

Why WSU?

I got offered an Ignite scholarship for my freshman year and the wildlife ecology program has a lot of hands-on experience.

What is special about being a CAHNRS Coug?

You’re a part of something that encompasses the entire human experience.

Where do you want to be (professionally or personally) 10 years after you graduate?

Professionally: Working in a zoo as a curator for large carnivores.

Personally: Having a lot of travel experience, maybe married with a kid or two.

Favorite class you have taken within CAHNRS so far? Why?

NATRS 300 because it’s my first class dealing with ecology and it comes pretty naturally to me.

Favorite Ferdinand’s flavor of ice cream?

Apple Cup Crisp