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Virginia Schafer, Weldon B. Gibson award winner

Posted by | June 25, 2015
Virginia Schafer, winner of the 2014 Weldon B. Gibson Volunteer award, at her Seattle home.

I met Dr. Floyd a couple of times. When he learned that I would be receiving the Weldon B. “Hoot” Gibson Distinguished Volunteer Award last year, he telephoned me in Arizona, on a Saturday night, with his congratulations. He was a class act…. He handed the award to me, personally, in Pullman several months later.

I noticed his emphasis on the importance of education. I’m sure I share with everyone in Pullman a sense of personal loss. I hope the university schedules something in Seattle that will give us West-siders a chance to grieve together.”

— Virginia Schafer, distinguished volunteer and donor, Weldon B. Gibson award winner