Food Safety in a Minute

Food Safety in a Minute podcast.

This minute-long podcast from WSU Extension offers handy, easy-to-apply tips to avoid food-borne illness. This series delves into issues ranging from holiday food safety to packing school lunches, how to store canned food, and more.

February is Black History Month: Honoring Food Scientists

February is Black history month. This week our podcast honors the pioneering work of Julie Stewart and Sara Thompson. Historians are just beginning to recover the narratives of black women who made positive differences to our space program. Both women, employed at Stouffer’s made significant contributions to the Apollo 11 program.

Food Safety Research and Product Development: Edible Microbial Tags for Food Traceability

Have you noticed QR codes on food products? QR stands for “quick response” initially developed as an alternative to barcodes. Recently at Cornell University, researchers found consumers will use QR codes with their phone to determine how long milk is drinkable, thereby reducing food waste. According to experts, milk is responsible for 65% of dairy product food waste, $6.4B annually.