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June 7 – 13

Posted by | June 14, 2010

In the news:

Sunday’s Tri-City Herald featured the story of a Connell organic farmer and WSU graduate who is using “beetle banks” to encourage beneficial insects, with comments from entomologist Vince Jones on the use of biological controls.

A story in Tuesday’s Skagit Valley Herald about a downturn in the area’s alpaca industry included cautions from Extension’s Joan DeVries about the challenges of the alpaca business.

Spokane’s KHQ TV aired a story about the Food $ense program providing nutrition education in an area high school.

(Scroll down to “Teaching healthy eating at high school” video)

On Wednesday KHQ-TV quoted economist Jeffrey LaFrance in a story on the extension of the state sales tax to candy and bottled water.

A story in Thursday’s Oregonian about the local appearance of tent caterpillars refers readers to a WSU Extension website for more information.

In this week’s Capital Press:

“WSU absorbs budget cuts, looks to the future”

“Lind field day focuses on wheat”

“Lab reveals mysteries of wheat”

“Tri-state spud group slashes licensing fees”

“Holly farmers resist noxious weed listing”

Aired last week by the N.W. Ag Information Network:

“Cool temperatures affecting high temperature adult plant resistance to stripe rust”

“Selling calves; September versus October”

News Releases:

“Lind Field Day Slated for June 17”

“WSU Plant Pathologist Elected President of Pacific Division of American Phytopathological Society”

“WSU Potato Research Group Hosts Field Day June 24”

“Spokane County Direct Seeding and Research Plot Tours, June 15 and 22”

“WSU Organic Cropping Systems on the Palouse Field Day, June 16”

“Lincoln County WSU Research Plot Tours June 16, 17 and 23″

” Food Security Begins At Home with Safe Food Preservation”

“Biofuels Crop Research To Be Focus of WSU Field Days”