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Feb. 7 – 13

Posted by | February 14, 2011

U.S. News and World Report on Wednesday reported on the latest findings regarding hibernation from grizzly bear research being conducted at WSU and Cal State Long Beach.

Monday’s Tri-City Herald previewed the Washington Association of Wine Grape Growers convention held this week and highlighted WSU’s role in the convention.

Northwest Cable News aired a story produced by KREM-TV on Thursday about a Whitman County farmer who is growing Camelina for fuel, and discussing WSU’s role in researching the seed as a potential biofuel source.

Friday’s Bremerton Patriot reported that demand for P-Patch plots in the county exceeds the space available in the program managed by WSU Kitsap County Extension and Master Gardeners.

An article in Monday’s Seattle Times on moles and how to deal with them quotes Dave Pehling on the calls he receives from people wanting to get rid of moles.

The February Western Farmer-Stockman includes an article about two CAHNRS students and their recipe for Cougar Gold macaroni and cheese. (scroll down)

In this week’s Capital Press:

“Cherry growers look for hope”

“Apple Commission urges trade agreements”

“Herbicide residue damages crops”

News Releases:

“WSU Microwave Technology Earns Second FDA Approval”

“Livestock Advisor Training Offered”