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CAHNRS News – October 22

Posted by | October 22, 2010

Thesis Writing Workshop for Graduate Students

Based on popular demand and the success of previous graduate student workshops, we are pleased to announce another opportunity for graduate students to receive support with thesis writing. In partnership with WSU Writing Programs, Academic Programs is offering “Creating a Thesis Writing Strategy” workshops on Oct 26 and Nov 1. The intention of the workshop is to support graduate students with creating an action plan for starting or completing a thesis or dissertation.

Even though all CAHNRS graduate students have received this invitation, please forward this information to graduate student advisors in your departments to make them aware of the opportunity with a request to them to encourage students, particularly those who are struggling with this process, to attend. Thesis writing can be a difficult challenge that creates angst for both student and advisor. Based on previous assessment results, this workshop definitely supports students with creating a framework for success, which should facilitate the process.

CAHNRS Career & Internship Fair 2010

The CAHNRS Career & Internship Fair will take place on Nov 2 in the CUB Senior Ballroom from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. In addition, a Company Preview Night will take place on Nov 1 from 5 to 7 p.m. in the CUB Junior Ballroom. The Career Fair Committee did an excellent job of expanding participation across disciplines this year, so more opportunities are available this year for students in a diverse array of CAHNRS majors.

Please announce this event in your classroom and encourage students to attend. It is a wonderful opportunity for CAHNRS students, in all grade levels, to discuss career and internship possibilities with a variety of companies. Encourage your students to begin the networking process now by attending this event. Opportunities discovered here may greatly assist students with achieving their career goals.

Visit for more information.

Surf Report

With nearly 54,000 views, the CAHNRS Academic Programs YouTube video channel is one of the most watched channels at WSU. The Academic Programs channel is home to videos about CAHNRS undergraduate programs, the research projects conducted by CAHNRS undergrads, and the careers CAHNRS alumni have found using their degrees. We’ve just added three new videos to the channel, all featuring undergrads talking about their CAHNRS majors.

Giving credit where credit is due, there’s a new feature on the CAHNRS home page about the folks who help keep our research wheels on the road. Check out “Hard Science Is Hard Work” at

WSU’s crack horticultural genomics team has been in the news recently, thanks to their participation in the sequencing of the peach, apple and cacao genomes. Check out the stories at (cacao), (apple), and (peach).

The WSU Extension web team recently announced the launch of a site gathering information on the WSU-led effort to control the pesky Spotted Wing Drosophilia,

The brochure produced by the MNEC team that collects WSU’s efforts in organic ag research continues to be a big draw – and in addition to the web version, MNEC has just made the brochure available as a print-resolution PDF:

Check out “The Mystery of the Fall Colors” in the new issue of Voice of the Vine at Also in this issue, grad student Kathie NIcholson wants to know what you know about clones, so scroll down to the middle of the page and take the very short survey.

Climate change concerns have fostered innovative research to find replacements for fossil fuels. Some researchers study ethanol, others algae. But for David Favero, a second year Ph.D. student with Michael Neff in molecular plant sciences, the plant camelina holds promise. Read the full story in On Solid Ground:

Another grad student research story, “Mapping Complexity,” is featured on the WSU home page. It originally ran in Voice of the Vine and profiles master’s student Ian Yau’s work on a vineyard site-selection tool:

Emerging Designers

Seven recent graduates of the apparel design program are featured in “Emerging Designers,” a book just released by Schiffer Publishing. For a list of WSU students included in the book, see The book features the work of 100 new fashion designs in 285 color images. Check out the listing at

CAHNRS Undergraduate Research Award Recipients Announced

Congratulations to the following undergraduates and their faculty mentors on their CAHNRS Undergraduate Research Awards.

  • “Willingness to Pay for Organically Produced and Functional Food Products” – Rini Mukhopadhyay; Vicki A. McCracken
  • “Characterization of the impact of enterobacter cloacae on onion plants and confirmation of the movement dynamics of E. cloacae in plants” – Ryan Liesche; Brenda K. Schroeder
  • “Expression Patterns of the Genes ADT4 and ADT5 in Arabidopsis thalina” – Sarah Brewer; Norman G. Lewis
  • “Using Electro-Conductive Technology Along with Global Positioning Systems to Further Understand and Manage the Irrigation on the Palouse Ridge Golf Course” – Brady A. Stover, Trevor Smith, Dakota Childers, and Shaun Rose; James Durfey
  • “Coarse woody material, litter, and duff characteristics in an old-growth Sierran mixed-conifer forest (Yosemite Forest Dynamics Plot): correlation with overstory and topographic variables” – Randy Burke; Mark E. Swanson
  • “Reservation Status, Substance Use during Sex, and Birth Outcomes among Native American Adolescents” – Noelle Beets; Jenifer McGuire
  • “Progesterone receptor membrane component 1 (PGRMC1) and its role in the establishment and progression of female cancers” – Melissa Lyn McCallum; James K. Pru
  • “Enhancing Sweet Cherry Seed Germination with the Aid of Hormones” – Matthew Allan; Amit Dhingra
  • “Development of functional food products made with grape pomace flour” – Kelsie Brown; Carolyn Ross
  • “Is Restricted Rhizoctonia Growth the Mechanism of Resistance in Scarlet-Rz1?” – Kathleen E. Reed; Patricia Okubara
  • “Fife, WA: Revitalizing an Urban Community Through the Restoration of Wapato Creek and the Renovation of Community Spaces” – Kassi Lyn Rolin; Bob Scarfo
  • “Core Health Messages: Examining the Effectiveness of the Messages on Low-Income Mothers in Rural Washington” – Jocelyn Glessing; Yoshie Sano
  • “Soil Silica in the Palouse” – Haley Saam; William Pan
  • “Studies on Epidemiology of the Grapevine Leafroll Disease” – Elizabeth Lee Swanson and Andrew L. Schultz; Naidu A. Rayapati
  • “An Economic Analysis of the USDA 2010 Access to Pasture Rule on Washington Organic Dairies” – Elizabeth “Libby” Hodgin; Shannon Neibergs
  • “Parents use of Psychological Control and Children’s Relational Aggression: The Potential Mediating Effect of Sympathetic Adrenomedullary Activiation” – Danielle Hurd; Jared Lisonbee
  • “Functional Divergence of the Myostatin Gene Family” – Casey Lawson; Dan Rodgers
  • “Boys Need Clothes too, Right? Development of boy’s apparel product” – Carlie Bailes; Yoo Jin Kwon
  • “Inactivation of Escherichia coli in apple juice with high pressure, pulsed electric fields, and ultrasound technologies: Microbial and nutritional quality” – Abigail Moody; Barry Swanson
  • “Manipulation of hormonal and light signaling for improvement of pear propagation” – Aaron White; Amit Dhingra


Interior Design student Hyung-Jin Kim was awarded first place in the International Interior Design Association’s Regional Competition for Best Portfolio: Junior Category.

At the recent National Extension Master Gardener Coordinators Conference, Tonie Fitzgerald, WSU MG Program Leader, was elected to represent western states on the Consumer Horticulture National Committee.