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WSU Extension lends expertise to 1890 land grant institutions

Posted by scott.weybright | June 24, 2020
A WSU Extension emergency management planning expert gave a presentation to other land grant universities who want to learn more about how they can help with disaster education.

Christina Sanders is the director of both WSU’s Office of Emergency Management and WSU Extension’s Division of Governmental Studies and Services. Last month, she gave a presentation to the 1890-EDEN Advisory Group.

Portrait pic of Sanders standing outside with evergreen trees in the background.
Christina Sanders

EDEN is the Extension Disaster Education Network. 1890 refers to the group of 19 historically black land grant colleges and universities that were part of the Second Morrill Act of 1890.

“The 1890 land grant universities are really interested in expanding the resources and programs they can provide for disaster education,” Sanders said. “These schools are historically underfunded, but still want to do the best they can to expand the positive impacts in their states and communities.”

She talked to the advisory group about the unique way WSU Extension and emergency preparedness work together.

“Extension doesn’t typically play a direct role in emergency management at any of the 1890 schools,” Sanders said. “Here, I’m the Emergency Management director for the university and have an Extension appointment. I shared how we work with other institutions on campus and in the community.”

She talked to the group about ways they can get started, such as doing Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) trainings.

“There was a lot of interest from those in attendance wanting to learn more following their conference,” Sanders said. “Many attendees don’t have much experience with CERT, and don’t know how to get started, but are eager to build their emergency planning and preparedness capacity. That’s where we are able to help.”

The 1890-EDEN Advisory Group provides guidance for increasing the participation of 1890 Land-Grant Universities in EDEN. The group also leverages resources through partnerships to improve disaster programming for limited resource clientele.