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Power Outage – Refrigerators

Posted by | March 28, 2011

Are you ready for the next big winter storm? With strong winter weather systems in the northwest, a power outage is reality for many of us. Here are a few ways to protect the food in your refrigerator if the power goes out:

  • Plan ahead for extra cooling power. Keep your ice bin full and have freezer packs ready for use in insulated coolers.
  • If you anticipate a major storm, turn your refrigerator and freezer to the coldest setting. The colder the food is before a power failure, the better it will last.
  • Keep the doors to your refrigerator closed. Most refrigerators will keep food cold for four hours.
  • Use a refrigerator thermometer. If the temperature is above 40 degrees, and you believe that has been true for more than two hours, perishable food should be discarded, as they may cause illness.