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Nov. 29 – Dec. 3

Posted by | December 3, 2007

NPR’s Northwest News Network interviewed Jim Harbertson on proposed new nutritional labeling requirements for wines and the upcoming forum on the topic to be held at the Prosser IAREC.

A Tuesday front page Tri-City Herald story, carried as well by the publication Beverage World, also reported on the proposed wine labeling regulation and upcoming forum, with quotes from Kerry Ringer. Ringer was also interviewed by a number of Tri-Cities radio and TV stations about the forum.

A story at on an Oregon vineyard whose grapes have been 100 percent biodynamically produced includes a quote from John Reganold and cites his research on biodynamically grown grapes.

SeedQuest on Thursday published the Organic Seed Alliance announcement of the 5th biennial national Organic Seed Growers Conference cosponsored by WSU. Kevin Murphy and Steve Jones will be among the featured presenters.

Wednesday’s Science Daily included the ARS story about the research of Juming Tang and Barry Swanson to develop snacks made from dry peas and lentils.

Tuesday’s Minneapolis Star Tribune cited the WSU Extension Energy Program’s Energy Idea’s Clearinghouse as one of its sources on the advantages and disadvantages of using LED holiday lights.

The Waynesboro Record Herald (PA) cites a WSU study by the Extension Energy Program as a primary information source on the potential health hazards of particulate from outdoor wood burning stoves.

Extension’s Catherine Daniels is quoted in a news release issued Tuesday by the firm Pharm Solutions Inc. about its new vinegar-based herbicide billed as the “world’s first food grade organic weed killer.”

A Nov. 15 blog entry on the Web site reports on the patent application by Zhihua Jiang and colleagues for the genetic process of determining the degree of fat marbling in beef cattle.

In this week’s Capital Press: A story on how record wheat prices have enhanced Washington Wheat Commission coffers mentions additional research endowments to WSU as one potential use for the assessment funds; a story on agronomist Diana Roberts and the challenges she’s facing in introducing parasitic wasps to control cereal leaf beetle in irrigated farmlands; and announcement of the Bioenergy and Agriculture Conference in Tri-Cities that will feature remarks by Deans Fox and Bernardo, Ron Mittelhammer, and keynote by John Gardner.

News releases: Announcing the grant to the energy Extension Program to establish an information center to improve energy efficiency in buildings; the waiving of the late registration fee for the WSU Economic Issues and Outlook Conference; announcing the forum on the proposed changes to wine-bottle labeling; and John Stark’s appointment to the Puget Sound Partnership’s Science Panel.