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New from Extension Publications: Sheep-shearing biosecurity, poison ivy controls, cultural awareness

Posted by struscott | December 11, 2018

Man shearing sheep using shears; Photo shows the sheep partly sheared and man's hands and shears.Extension scientists work with Northwest farmers, families and industries to create knowledge that improves our crops and livestock, powers our economy and develops communities.

Extension faculty are also authors, who every month share the results of their work through peer reviewed online publications.
Newly published WSU Extension guides include:

• A free guide on Biosecurity for the Sheep Shearer (FS311E), by Sarah Smith, Regional Extension Specialist with the Department of Animal Sciences. Learn to mitigate and protect against diseases that affect both sheep and human beings.

• A Notebook (MISC0573) and Cultural Awareness Booklet (MISC0579) for use in WSU’s Navigating Difference Cultural Competency Training, by Extension Diversity Director Mary Katherine Deen, Professor and Family Development Extension Specialist Louise Parker, and Melynda Huskey, Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services at Western Washington University.

• A free Pacific Northwest Extension Pacific Poison-oak and Western Poison-ivy: Identification and Management guide (PNW108). By Oregon State Horticulture researcher Brooke Edmunds and OSU Extension faculty members Alicia Christiansen, Andrew G. Hulting, and Lauren Grand, this guide shows how to identify and control these plants, and prevent exposure to their oily substance, urushiol, which can cause a painful allergic reaction.

You can find the latest publications at the WSU Extension Online Bookstore.

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