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New from Extension: Grow better crops, fight pests and help students learn in the garden

Posted by struscott | January 15, 2019

Grapes growing on the vine.Extension scientists work with Northwest growers, educators and industries to create knowledge that improves our fruit, vegetable and grain crops, empowers student learning and develops communities.

Extension faculty are authors who every month share the results of their work through peer-reviewed online publications.

Newly published WSU Extension guides include:

  • The 2019 Pest Management Guide for Grapes in Washington (publication number EB0762), developed by WSU, WSDA and USDA researchers and industry representatives. This guide helps commercial grape growers control diseases, insects, weeds, and other pests.
  • A fact sheet, “Potato Virus Y and Organic Potato Production in Western Washington” (FS312E). This guide was created by WSU Skagit Extension researcher Don McMoran, Extension Specialist Chris Benedict, and WSU Mount Vernon-based Plant Pathologist Debra Ann Inglis. Transmitted by aphids and through seed potatoes, Potato Virus Y is a serious disease of Washington’s industry, affecting yields and quality.
  • A feasibility study, Cover Cropping and Companion Cropping for the Inland Northwest (TB59E) by professor and Regional Extension Specialist Diana Roberts. In this guide, Roberts outlines which cover crop mixes may work best for dryland farming.
  • A guide, Growing Parsnips in Western Washington (FS314E), by Don McMoran, Skagit County Extension Preceptor Kate Seymour, and Skagit Extension Technician Charlie Gundersen. They share basic guidelines for success with parsnips, a long-season crop that thrives in western Washington, as well as common problems that growers face.
  • A curriculum publication for fourth grade teachers, Pulse on Health: Garden-based Pulse Nutrition and Biology (EC009). This guide to garden-based learning helps promote critical thinking and inspire students, and was written by Extension researchers Diane Smith and LeeAnne Riddle, WSU Horticulture researchers Kelly A. Nickerson and Carol Miles, and Susan Kerr, affiliate professor in the WSU Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences.

You can find the latest publications at the WSU Extension Online Bookstore.

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