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New from Extension: Preserving the harvest for healthier, low-sodium, sugar diets

Posted by Seth Truscott | June 4, 2021
Canned foods
It’s safe to alter sugar and sodium content in most home-canned foods.

Each month, WSU Extension experts release online guides to educate Northwest communities about health, agriculture, and sustainability.

The latest guide, available for free on the Extension bookstore, is Food Preservation for Special Diets: Adjusting Sugar and Sodium When Preserving at Home (FS359E), by Lizann Powers-Hammond, associate professor with WSU’s Benton County Extension.

At harvest, foods are naturally low in sodium and added sugars. Home preservation is an excellent option for people who want to reduce the amount of sugar or sodium in their diets. Powers-Hammond helps home canners preserve, pickle, or freeze and dry fruits, vegetables, and spreads for a healthier option than commercially processed foods.

Find more new and updated guides at the WSU Extension Publications website.

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