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Kitchen Towel Hazards

Posted by | March 29, 2011

Do you have a towel hanging on your refrigerator door? If you do, it’s likely you use the towel to wipe counter tops, dry your hands, as a potholder, or to dry dishes. Kitchen towels can be carriers of disease causing bacteria. If a contaminated towel is used, you may be transferring harmful microorganisms from one place to another, including to you and your family.

If you wash dishes by hand, always use clean clothes or sponges. To clean sponges, wash in a dishwasher and dry completely before using again. Another alternative is to purchase inexpensive white cloths in bulk and use a clean one each time you wash dishes. They can be easily washed and bleached, which means the cloths are clean every time.

Kitchen towels may be responsible for cross-contamination, especially when they have multiple uses during preparation and clean-up. If you hand wash dishes, it is best to let items air-dry.