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June enrichment photos and video

Posted by | June 9, 2017

At the WSU Bear Research, Education, and Conservation Center, we have an enrichment program aimed at keeping our bears physically healthy and mentally stimulated. Every month, we’ll showcase the new or different activities and physical challenges our bears can tackle.

Here, center manager Brandon Evans Hutzenbiler prepares the enrichment ‘toys’ by stuffing them full of cut fresh fruit and other treats for the bears. Then, the objects are hung up or spread around. The bears then have to figure out how to get to the hidden treats.

Brandon fills the tube with treats.
Here, Brandon partially fills the tube with raisins and other dry food. He’ll hang it in a pen and the bears will have to determine how to access the food by lifting the blue ball on the end.


Finding the hidden treats


And here is one of our bears figuring out how to access the hidden food rather quickly.