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Holiday Tips: Part Two

Posted by | March 29, 2011

Food preparation is often fast paced during the holidays. It’s easier to make food safety mistakes that may cause illness. Here are three tips to keep your food and your family safe:

  • Clean and sanitize surfaces in your kitchen- commonly touched surfaces like countertops, light switches, faucets, and refrigerator handles. Use warm soapy water to clean, then rinse and sanitize by adding one capful of unscented household bleach to one quart of cool water. Make sure you store bleach in a safe place- away from children.
  • Refrigerate or freeze leftovers within two hours of preparation. Use small shallow containers for rapid cooling. Remember to cover leftovers and label with the name of the food and the storage date.
  • Always wash your hands just before you eat or prepare food. Use warm, running water and soap, make certain to scrub for 20 seconds, and dry your hands with a paper towel.