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Fun at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival

Posted by | July 12, 2012

For the past two weeks, WSU has been participating in the Smithsonian Folk Life Festival in Washington DC. WSU, along with a handful of land-grant peers, was selected to have a display on the Mall just in front of the Smithsonian Castle. Our “Feed the World, Power the Planet” display featured on going biofuels and food research. Young people also got to get their hands science on by extracting DNA from strawberries and coloring pictures of our new super hero “Plant Man.” Thanks to all of the Cougs who stopped by and provided their good wishes. For some additional coverage of the event, including some awesome video and a downloadable version of Plant Man, check out the team’s blog.

The festival was capped off with a “cheese off,” a competition among participating universities. A blind taste test was used to compare cheddars from several land-grant institutions. Not surprisingly, our beloved Cougar Gold reigned supreme! Our folks who represented us at the festival told me that the thought of facing Cougar Gold in a cheese competition struck fear in the hearts of the competition. Kinda like how a college football team feels going up against the Alabama power running game.

Speaking of football, we hope that Mike Leach’s “aerial assault offense” will soon inspire the same reaction from our competitors as Cougar Gold. And if you are a football geek (as I am), you might enjoy the X’s and O’s discussion of the “aerial assault” at Smart Football.