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Freezer Management 101

Posted by | March 30, 2011

Is a freezer an important part of your kitchen? Freezing food can be a convenient, cost effective way to preserve food for your family. However, there are a few things you can do to efficiently manage this important appliance.

  • Keep the freezer full throughout the year. Energy costs per package of food increase when your freezer isn’t full.
  • If you have a manual defrost freezer, defrost annually or when there is an accumulation of frost. Frost decreases space and increases energy costs.
  • Place your freezer in a level, cool, dry, and ventilated space. Avoid locations near water heaters or in the sun.
  • Always maintain a temperature of 0 degrees or less to preserve food quality. Use a thermometer.
  • Finally, keep and use a frozen food inventory list. Organize food in groups.