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Forestry Club Returns, Receives 2017 CAHNRS Superior Club Award

Posted by | May 19, 2017
By Maya Wahl, CAHNRS Academic Programs

CAHNRS offers many extracurricular opportunities for students, ranging from the Viticulture and Enology Club to the Agriculture Technology & Production Management Club. Of the many extracurricular opportunities CAHNRS offers to support students, the Forestry Club stood out as one that’s gone above and beyond this year. The 2017 Superior Club award was presented to the Forestry Club at the CAHNRS Honors event this spring. Forestry recently returned as a major in the School of Environment and has since revitalized the club.

Forestry Club officers receive the Superior Club award at CAHNRS Honors 2017.

The Forestry Club’s purpose is to create professional skill building opportunities, fundraise for future opportunities, and give back to the community through ecological restoration projects. The club offers these opportunities to all students, not just those seeking a major in Forestry. The inclusive environment and number of opportunities offered has created a space for students to come together, share ideas, and work towards bettering themselves for their future careers.

Forestry Club members receive many chances to build their professional skills through weekend trainings and guest speaker appearances at meetings. These speakers come from a variety of backgrounds and regions, ranging from the University of Vermont to the Idaho Department of Lands, to discuss what it takes to be successful in the forestry industry. The club facilitates trainings for its members on how to use chainsaws, splitting mauls, and heavily loaded trucks. These trainings also cover the usage of variable radius forest management tools, which are the industry standard for timber inventory.

But, it’s not all business for the Forestry Club members. The club also hosts bon fire socials for special events like Dad’s Weekend. In order to continue the informational trainings and fun socials, the club fundraises by selling firewood on football game days.

The club works in conjunction with other organizations on campus, including the Wildlife Society Student Chapter and the Environmental Sustainability Alliance. They also seek networking opportunities through the Society of American Foresters. There is no question that the Forestry Club offers members numerous opportunities for growth.

Its members are proud of the club’s service to the community and the environment. The club has started a restoration project of the West Unit of WSU’s Magpie Forest Preserve. They were awarded funding from the Environmental Sustainability Alliance to conduct their project in conjunction with the Wildlife Society. Since its beginning, the project has resulted in the clearing and planting of native shrubs and grasses while working to reestablish a healthy ponderosa pine population. Volunteers from outside organizations like Gamma Iota Omicron fraternity, the Center for Civic Engagement, and the local Cub Scouts have helped make this project a reality as well. Not only has the Forestry Club brought its own members together, but it also created opportunities for the entire Pullman community members to make a difference.

Daniel Molina, club president, says that his favorite part about being a member is listening to the guest speakers because he learns vital skills for his future career. The classroom provides the framework for students to apply skills that are necessary for success. He says, “One thing I wish I knew when I was a freshman was to just join clubs I was interested in.” His involvement has paid off and he has become a well-rounded student who is constantly contributing to WSU and the Pullman community.

Molina encourages all majors to look into joining the Forestry Club, it’s not just for Wildlife and Ecology or those interested in Forestry. The club is open to all WSU students who wish to broaden their horizons and learn something new. They are guaranteed to be provided with opportunities to stay active doing projects and to hopefully start a project that satisfies their own interests. Join the Forestry Club  and get in on all of the fun!