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Economic Sciences’ Muñoz-Garcia publishes new textbook on advanced theory

Posted by struscott | September 19, 2017
Photo of Felix Muñoz-Garcia
Felix Muñoz-Garcia

Felix Muñoz-Garcia, associate professor in the School of Economic Sciences, authored a new textbook, “Advanced Microeconomic Theory: An Intuitive Approach with Examples,” published in August by MIT Press.

The text offers an introduction to graduate microeconomics that emphasizes the intuition behind mathematical assumptions, providing step-by-step examples that show how to apply theoretical models in economics, finance, and public policy.

Its applied approach provides students with a bridge to more technical topics, and connects each chapter with recent findings in behavioral and experimental economics. A separate workbook, “Practice Exercises for Advanced Microeconomic Theory,” offers solutions to selected problems with detailed explanations.

The book was based on doctoral courses in the School of Economic Sciences and benefits from the feedback of both doctoral students and faculty.